"Cross-cultural means the overlapping & coming together of many different cultures."
A celebration of migration and the new and challenging perspectives it brings, Celebrating Cross-cultural Perspectives tells the story of children who grow up overseas with a focus on the issues we may face when returning back home as adults. Using storytelling and illustration to make this research more accessible, it also aims to address some of the bad rhetoric surrounding migration; encouraging curiosity and understanding in its place. Let’s celebrate cross-cultural perspectives! 
Includes an illustrated text with 5 illustrations and 1 postcard to help you spread the message.
Custom orders are available through my Etsy shop. Limited copies are also available online at Dale Zine Shop and in store at Quimby's Bookstore NYC, Floating World Comics, Chicago Comics, Sticky Institute and Little City Books. Free copies will be available for check out at Barnard Zine Library; coming soon to Pratt Institute Libraries.
"La infancia es una jornada en busca de un hogar a donde pertenecer."
When we have to leave our family behind or learn a new language, migratory stress teaches us how to adapt and in return gifts us with new abilities. Refugiarse entre mundos is the second in an illustrated series that looks to celebrate these gifts. Native and intermediate Spanish speakers alike will explore the effects of migration on our childhood journey of belonging and the role that family can play in making these transitions a little smoother. Bonus: includes a postcard to help you spread the message!
Includes an illustrated text with 5 illustrations and 1 postcard.
Custom orders available through my Etsy shop.
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