Blockprinting and Wearable Art Wednesdays at Kinetik
Starting October 10th, stop by Kinetik Arts at Empire Outlets on Staten Island for some wearable art fun with screen printing inks. Learn about various forms of blockprinting methods plus enjoy the chance to design and carve your very own custom print, printed on a fabric of your choice.
"Sometimes fitting in and finding belonging can mean standing out."
Celebrating Cross-cultural Perspectives is a project I created my senior year of college to help promote greater social awareness of third culture kids (TCKs) but is also very applicable to the experiences of traditional immigrants and minority groups alike. Learn more about the original project & how I discovered that sometimes fitting in & finding belonging can mean standing out.
"On the Art of Creating Counter-narratives"
Last year, mid-pandemic, I found myself reflecting on the importance of broadening the ways in which we talk about migrant issues outside of policy, headlines and legal status alone. My latest works are an exploration of these ideas.
"My Asian-American community deserves to feel at home"
My Asian-American community deserves to feel safe. My Asian-American community deserves to be seen and heard. My Asian-American community is worthy of dignity and respect. My Asian-American community deserves to feel at home in their own country. 
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