Celebrating Rural Jamaica
Royal Jamaica is a series of botanic patterns meant to promote interest in gardening and buying local foods in Jamaica. Although, soil on the island is fertile and rich for growing, Jamaica, like many Caribbean countries today, relies heavily on imported food. There are many contributing factors to this reality and part of the problem is the lack of interest and education, especially in younger generations. To raise awareness for this,I created a series of botanic prints based on plants of commonly grown local foods including the cerasee herb (M. charantia), the breadfruit tree (A. altilis), the mango tree (M. indica) and the sorrel plant (H. sabdariffa). Inspired by botanical and natural science illustration, each pattern consists of  accurate watercolor studies of the single most iconic feature of the plant. The arrangement of the patterns are based on the way the plant grows as seen in its environment. (See reference images below.)
(1) Cerasee leaves for sale on naturalmiracles.co.uk  
(2) Breadfruit leaves on Stokes Botanical Images 
(3) Sorrel on herbgarden.co.za

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